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2019 SPIM-SCP Joint Conference
February 6-10, 2019
The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel Ft. Worth, TX

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News from APA Divisions of Interest to SPIM Members
Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research Volume 69, Issue 2, (June)

Membership Information
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Why belong to SPIM?

If you are a psychologist focused on management and you are looking for a professional association that provides you with strong intellectual and collegial support, consider SPIM membership. You will find yourself among the national leaders of our field. Yet there is a “small town” atmosphere of friendliness and support to a degree that is unusual in professional associations.
Here are some examples of what SPIM members say keeps them as active members:

  • “Small group of highly trained and empowered psychologists”
  • “Excellent program content”
  • “Always informative, interesting programs.”
  • “Friends. People who count on me to come.”
  • “A chance, once a year, to know talented professionals and to be known.”
  • “I always make at least one valuable new contact.”
  • “Professional renewal”
  • “Terrific mid-winter meetings – jam packed with interesting people and new ideas.”
  • “Wonderful colleagues.”
  • “Conferences – topics are timely, speakers are top notch”

Speakers at our annual meetings are leading psychologists, business leaders and/or political leaders at the top of their game. Presenters in recent years have included: Richard Boyatzis, co-author of Primal Leadership; Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco; Bill Greehey, CEO of Valero Energy; Al Parchem, CEO of RHR International; Mirian Graddick-Weir, Executive VPHR at AT&T; Ray Fowler, former CEO of the American Psychological Association; Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence; Martin Seligman, former APA president and leader of the Positive Psychology movement; Joyce Shields, Senior Vice-President, the Hay Group; David P. Campbell, Smith Richardson Senior Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership; Dale Thompson, 2004 winner of the RHR Excellence in Consultation Award from APA Division 13; and Richard Kilburg, 2005 Harry Levinson Award winner.

SPIM’s collegial atmosphere is as strong as our meetings. Many deep friendships have begun at SPIM meetings. There is an unusual degree of interest and support for each other’s activities – both professional and personal. SPIM members reach out to help each other succeed.

Who is SPIM designed for? What kinds of psychologists fit best?

SPIM, like any effective organization, has a clear idea about whom we best serve. Our membership criteria help to ensure that our focus is maintained.

SPIM is designed psychologists who hold a doctoral degree in psychology from a regionally accredited graduate or professional school that has achieved accreditation within the last five years of the doctoral degree (or a school of similar standing outside of the United States). They are employed as a manager, academician whose focus is management, or consultant to management. Lastly, they are willing to commit to the APA Code of Ethics.

As a general guideline, APA members of Divisions 13 (Society of Consulting Psychology) and 14 (Society of Industrial and Organizational Society) have interests most similar to those of SPIM members. SPIM members demonstrate their involvement with management by the following activities:

  • They work as managers or leaders in organizations. A psychologist manager or leader’s duties include responsibilities in such areas as budget, personnel and program decisions, organizational planning and strategy.
  • They teach and/or conduct research in management and/or leadership. Psychologists who teach and do research in management are usually, but not necessarily, on faculty at a university or college.
  • They consult to managers and leaders in organizations. Management consultants are involved in such activities as executive coaching, organizational consultation, assistance with executive selection and succession planning and/or research in such areas.
  • They have academic training in management and or significant management experience.

The direct delivery of clinical services and clinical supervision, in and of themselves, do not fit these descriptions. Membership in SPIM is not likely to meet the interests of psychologists who are primarily involved in clinical activities. However, management of a clinical enterprise in which the psychologist does have such responsibilities as budget, hiring and firing do fit SPIM membership criteria and such individuals are likely to find SPIM rewarding.

SPIM also has membership categories for Affiliates: those who hold a Masters Degree in psychology from a regionally accredited graduate or professional school and are employed as a manager, academician whose focus is management, or consultant to management. Doctoral students are also welcome if enrolled in accredited program and are nominated by a SPIM member.

I’m ready to join. What do I do now?
Complete an application. A complete SPIM membership application is comprised of three parts: 1) a completed membership application form, 2) a copy of your CV, and 3) your dues payment.

  1. Membership form: To obtain the membership application form, click on this link: Membership Application and download the form. Go to "File," "Save As," and save the file to your Desktop. To identify the file as YOUR membership application, rename the file to something that includes your name. Keep the file extension (.pdf) as it is. Then go to your Desktop, open the form, and fill it out. When you are finished, click “File,” “Save.”

  2. CV: Make sure you have a current copy of your CV in electronic form (as a file on your computer). If possible, convert it to a PDF file. This will make the file size smaller, and preserve the formatting as you have it.

  3. Dues: Click here to download the dues form. Save it to your desktop. Complete the form, choosing whether you will pay by check or credit card. Save the completed form for your records. Print the file. *SPIM has added a Life Membership for members age 70+ AND have been members for 10+ years. The Life Membership annual dues are reduced to $87.

  4. EMAIL your completed membership form, along with a copy of your CV, to our membership chair, Sarah Early, at: searly@cphp.org. or SNAIL MAIL your completed dues form that you printed out, along with your check for $145, if applicable, to: Liz Woodward SPIM administrator 10340 S. Oakley Ave. Chicago, IL 60643

NOTE: For security reasons, please do not email your credit card information.

Call Sarah at (303) 916-6232 if you have problems with this process, or any questions pertaining to your particular situation. She will be happy to walk you through the procedure.

If your organization is paying your dues and you need a W9 form, contact Sarah. She will email or fax the form back to you.

Interested but not quite ready to apply? Call Sarah, or any SPIM member, with questions.