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2019 SPIM-SCP Joint Conference
February 6-10, 2019
The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel Ft. Worth, TX

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News from APA Divisions of Interest to SPIM Members
Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research Volume 69, Issue 2, (June)


SPIM offers three awards. The Distinguished Psychologist in Management Award, Richard Kilburg Service Award and the Women’s Endowment Early Career Leadership Award
Distinguished Psychologist in Management Award

The Distinguished Psychologist in Management Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the practice of management by a psychologist. It was created to recognize individual accomplishments in fulfilling the purpose of the Society of Psychologists in Management (SPIM), which is to facilitate the growth, development, and interaction of psychologists who work as managers, or who otherwise contribute to the application of psychology to management.

The award is presented to an individual who has developed, refined, and implemented practices, procedures, and methods that have a major impact on people in organizational settings and/or on the professions of management.

The award includes an honorarium, a plaque, and an invited address at SPIM's Midwinter Conference.

The recipient must be a psychologist and manager (or one who has made major contributions to psychology and management). Membership in the American Psychological Association or the American Psychological Society is highly desirable as evidence of commitment to the science and practice of psychology.

judith albino
2017 Terry Maple, PhD.
judith albino
2016 E. Kevin Kelloway, PhD.
william mobley
2015 William H. Mobley, PhD.
connie rath
2014 Connie Rath, PhD.
judith albino
2013 Judith Albino, PhD.
arthur freedman
2012 Arthur M. Freedman, PhD.
dale thompson
2011 Dale Thompson, PhD.
david baker
2010 David Baker, PhD.
norman anderson
2009 Norman Anderson, PhD.
bob lee
2008 Robert "Bob" Lee, PhD.
al parchem
2007 Al Parchem, PhD.
david campbell
2006 David P. Campbell, PhD.
richard atkinson
2005 Richard C. Atkinson, PhD.
eric haseltine
2004 Eric Haseltine, PhD.
mirian graddick-weir
2003 Miriam Graddick-Weir, PhD.
richard kilburg
2002 Richard Kilburg, PhD.
tom osborner
2001 Congressman Tom Osborne, PhD.
marilyn gowing
2000 Marilyn Gowing, PhD.
donald clifton
1999 Donald Clifton, PhD.
bernard bass
1998 Bernard Bass, PhD.
carl frost
1997 Carl F. Frost, PhD.
joyce shields
1996 Joyce Shields, PhD.
william howell
1995 William Howell, PhD.
harold tragash
1994 Harold Tragash, PhD.
francis horowiitz
1993 Francis D. Horowitz, PhD.
william byham
1992 William C. Byham, PhD.
john conger
1991 John Conger, PhD.
kenneth clark
1990 Kenneth E. Clark, PhD.
robert perloff
1989 Robert Perloff, PhD.
raymond fowler
1988 Raymond Fowler, PhD.
charles kiesler
1987 Charles KieslerPhD.
douglas bray
1986 Douglas Bray, PhD.
harry levinson
1985 Harry Levinson, PhD.
Richard Kilburg Service Award

The Richard Kilburg Service Award is given, from time to time, to a SPIM member who has demonstrated an unusual level of service and commitment, dedicating extraordinary time and effort to the goals, purposes, and activities of the organization. The award is named for SPIM's first president.

al hollenbeck
2007 Al Hollenbeck, Ph.D.
For Exceptional Service as creator of the SPIM website and subsequent webmaster, 1999 -2006, as well as manager of elections, online surveys, and general advisor on all things technical.
david brandt
2004 David Brandt, Ph.D.
In Recognition of Exceptional Service as SPIM Coordinator of Continuing Education, 1996-2004
rodney lowman
2002 Rodney L. Lowman, Ph.D.
In Recognition of Exceptional Service as Founding Editor of The Psychologist- Manager Journal, 1997-2002.
The Women’s Endowment Early Career Leadership Award

The purpose of The Women’s Endowment Early Career Leadership Award is to ensure that women leaders, managers and consultants are actively involved in SPIM activities and can be accomplished in several ways. The Award is established to sponsor a deserving female psychologist in attending or distinguished female psychologist presenting at the SPIM conferences and institutes. Specifically, the Award will pay for the individual’s registration to the conference, two half-day institutes and a one-year membership to SPIM. At this time we are looking for nominations from SPIM members for a female psychologist who meets the following criteria:
  • Has potential to benefit from SPIM and to make contributions to SPIM and its mission of facilitating the growth, development and interaction of psychologists who work as managers
  • Is not a SPIM member
  • Has received a PH.D. in psychology within the last ten years
  • Has been a manager for less than ten years (women psychologists in academia and the federal government are eligible candidates, if in leadership roles under 5 years or less

Nneka Jones Tapia
Nneka Jones Tapia,
Psy.D. in 2016

melissa jents
Melissa Jents, Psy.D. in 2015
myranda grahek
Myranda Grahek, Ph.D. in 2014
jennifer geimer
Jennifer Geimer, Ph.D. in 2013
jennifer nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen, Ph.D. in 2012